Autonomous System 49983

MiroNet AG

Contact Information (NOC)

Phone: +41 61 201 30 92
Fax: +41 61 201 30 99
E-Mail: noc@mironet.ch
Website: www.mironet.ch
Office Hours: Mon - Fri (excluding holidays)
08:30 – 12:00 CET/CEST
13:30 – 18:30 CET/CEST
NOC availability: Outside office hours the NOC is reachable via E-Mail.
Address: Uferstrasse 90
CH-4057 Basel

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Abuse / Spam

Please use the abuse contact abuse@mironet.ch in case you get spammed, hammered, SYN flooded etc.

Requests to admin-c or tech-c will not be ignored but if you send your request to abuse@mironet.ch it goes directly to the right person.

Got SPAM? How to complain …

Please send as much information as possible, include full headers (forward the spam message) and time zones to abuse@mironet.ch

Got hacked? How to complain …

Cited from ripe.net

In your complaint, include as much relevant information as possible to make it easier for the ISP to locate and deal with the abuser. If your firewall software has generated a log file of the attack, then you should include that. If not, try to include at least:
  • the IP address that attempted the network intrusion
  • the date
  • the time
  • the time zone

General Network Information

Peering Policy

We follow an open IPv4 and IPv6 peering policy and will gladly answer any peering request as soon as possible:

Peering contract required?
No. But if you have one and need it, send it in.
MD5 secret preferred?
No. But you may choose one if you want.

Points of Presence

EBM Telecom AG, Münchenstein, Switzerland
IPv6: 2a00:17e0:a:1::/64
Equinix ZH4, Zürich, Switzerland
IPv6: 2a00:17e0:a:2::/64
SwissIX, InterXion, Glattbrugg, Switzerland
IPv6: 2001:7f8:24::b3/64
IWB Telehouse, Basel, Switzerland
IPv6: 2a00:17e0:a:2::/64

Traceroute / Looking Glass

You'll find the webinterface to our looking glass server here: http://lg.mironet.ch/lg/
If you prefer telnet try this: telnet://


We fully support IPv6 throughout our whole infrastructure. Every customer (existing or new) using MiroNet Hosting or MiroNet Network Services gets a /56 or /64 IPv6 assignment for free and up to a full /48 on request.

If you have a question about IPv6 and how it works on your server/router/whatever, don't hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to provide services over IPv6 (in fact, we're doing it right now) and also help you with the transition.

This site is reachable over IPv6 too.

Detailed Network Information


We originate the following prefixes. You shouldn't see any other prefixes via BGP originating from AS49983.

IPv4    (Whois)    (Whois)    (Whois)    (Whois)
2a00:17e0::/32    (Whois)
Prefix length

We accept up to a /24 for IPv4 and up to a /48 for IPv6.

BGP Communities

We accept BGP community information (both formats) in updates and pass it on. We may add the following communities to prefixes according to how we learned them:

Egress communities: These are relayed to AS49983 peers.
origin communities exchange points
49983:4000 MiroNet customer route 49983:30000 route learned from private peers
49983:5000 MiroNet own route 49983:30001 - 30100 incremental number of private interconnects
49983:50000 route learned at public peering exchanges
49983:50001 route learned at SwissIX, InterXion, Glattbrugg
Ingress communities:
These communities can be used to control traffic within AS49983. Please check back with noc@mironet.ch before sending communities.
well-known communities local preference prepend
65535:65281 NO-EXPORT (RFC1997) 49983:19299 give routes localpref below private routes (300) 49983:100n prepend n × to customers
(n <= 3)
65535:65282 NO-ADVERTISE (RFC1997) 49983:19149 give routes localpref below public peer routes (150) 49983:110n prepend n × to SwissIX peers
(n <= 3)
65535:65284 NOPEER (RFC1997) 49983:19099 give routes localpref below normal routes (100) 49983:120n prepend n × to private peers
(n <= 3)

MiroNet AG
Uferstrasse 90
4057 Basel

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